Taiga Tools - Tools & Accessories was established in 2016 by Wim Pauwels under the name Dominofix Connectors. The original name Dominofix Connectors came from the first product created which was the worlds first RTA connectors for Festool Domino DF500.

Taiga Tools is located right on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland.

One year later in 2017 a few more products was launched such as the MFT Router Template allowying to make new worktops for your Festool MFT table or make your own MFT style workbenches. During 2018 a new hotselling and unique, innovative product came on the market. The MF32 - Multifuntional Router Jig allowing you to make a whole assortment of joinery and RTA connections.

In 2019, with the expansion of the assortment of products and focusing on the woodworking industry, it was time to change the name and to go away from the Dominofix connectors name as it was only related to one product. The name Taiga Tools - Tools & Accessories was born.

The name comes from the vast forest which you can find in the Arctic Circle called the Taiga forest. Since mid 2019, Taiga Tools has made big investments in bringing products in-house to guarantee the best quality. This also allows for faster product development.

This made it possible to come with 3 new precision products being the Precision Rail SquarePrecision Square & Precision T-Square.



Wim Pauwels is a Belgian born immigrant living in Finland since 2010. With a background of beeing a carpenter specializing in custom interiors and boat interiors, Wim knows what his clients expect and are looking for.

Wim works closely together with an international team of carpenter to create the best as possible tools and accessories for woodworking.


You can contact us via the following:

Wim Pauwels
CEO - Founder
Taiga Tools - Tools & Accessories (formerly known as Dominofix - Tools & Accessories)
Rovaniemi - Finland
VAT FI27611661
Mob: +358 40 8482820 

E-mail: info@taigatools.com

E-mail: sales@taigatools.com

Website: www.taigatools.com