Questions & Answers

General Questions

How can we order?

You can order via our web shop or via one of our dealers.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide and ship for free on orders from € 150 ex VAT.

How can we pay?

You pay securely and protected via PayPal. We use a PayPal Merchant account.

I have a backorder item in my order, what happens now?

Orders with backorder items will be shipped once the order is fulfilled. You will find estimated times with every item.

I have a VAT number, do i still pay VAT?

Companies that are VAT registered and have a valid EU VAT number can fill it in at the checkout and you will be exempt from paying VAT.

What is the VAT EU price?

Customers living within EU and do not have a valid VAT number will be charged Finnish 24% VAT rate. Customers outside EU and VAT registered companies do NOT pay VAT.

MFT Router Template

Does the MFT Router Template work with any 30mm copy ring (guide bush)?

Yes it does. Any brand of 30mm copy ring will fit the MFT Router Template.

Does the template come with MK2 Bench Dogs?

Yes, the router template comes with 2 expandable bench dogs to continue making the hole pattern.

What spacing are the holes of the MFT Router Template?

The spacing of the MFT Router Template is 96mm, same as the original Festool MFT tops.

For what size of holes is the MFT Router Template made?

The MFT Router Template is made for 20mm holes. You cannot change the hole size as the bench dogs will not fit anyore then.

Precision Rail Square for Festool, Makita & Triton OR Mafell & Bosch style rails.

Do you have a rail square that fits DeWalt, Metabo or YouTool rails?

No, currently we do not have a rail square for DeWalt, Metabo or YouTool style rails.

Is the latch required to use the rail square?

No, you can use the rail squares without the latch by pressing the rail sqaure against the track before tightening the thumbscrews.

Does your rail square fit both Festool type rails and Mafell type rails?

We do not have a hybrid rail square to fit all type of rails. It is either a rail square to fit Festool style rails such as Makita and Triton OR a rail square to fit Mafell and Bosch rails.

Precision T-square

What size are the incremental holes?

The holes are 1mm allowing you to use a 0,9 mechanical pencil that comes with the t-square. But also you can use most standard pens or drypens such as Pica or Lyra.


Does the MF32 work with any 24mm copy ring?

Yes it does. Any brand of 24mm copy ring will fit the MFT Router Template.

What are all the different insert option on the MF32 - Multifunctional Router Jig?

The current available insert plates for the MF32 Multifunctional Router Jig are:

    • Domino DF500 (all 3 widths)
    • Domino DF700 (all 2 widths)
    • Dowel 32 (for duo dowelling with a 32mm spacing)
    • Lamello Cabineo connectors
    • VB-Rafix connectors
    • Hinge 45/9.5

Dominofix Domino Connectors

Can i use the connectors with a Festool Domino DF700

No you can’t. This is not possible due to the settings of the machine. Not even with a Seneca Adapter