Make your own MFT style slabs with this jig! Make easy and fast 20mm holes with a 20mm router bit and 30mm copy ring with one plunge on your router!

The jig includes 2 bench dogs to make precise 96mm copies.

The dimensions from the jig allows you to exactly make the same slab as the MFT. You first start from the corner, clamp it and make the first row of holes (which is the second row on a final slab) then you can just continue from there by using the bench dogs. At the end you can go back to the first row and turn the jig upside down so you can again use the bench dogs and make the first row on a finished MFT. This way your clamps will never be in the way of plunging.

The MFT router jigs gives you 90° patterns if instructions and precision are followed correctly. Tolerance is 0,01° , same as CNC’d MFT tops.


mft router jig
mft router jig

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